A young, educated teenage girl confronts a radical scientist who believes facial geometry is the best way to identify a person’s gender.

So what if my face seems to not fit “normal” geometric gender measurements? What if someone went up to your mom or sister and told them that their face seems to measure up to what a man’s face should measure up to? Why should measurements define who I am? My face may have big measurements, every line segment, but why should that even define my self-being? Most measurements aren’t even exactly accurate so why do the congruent lines on my face say more than what comes out of my mouth? The only range of measurements that I truly care about are the one on my ruler.

I thought people think twice before they say something, just to make sure the question is relevant, but you proved me wrong! Why do the degrees of my facial angles have a part in telling you whether I look like a guy or a girl? Hair, face, hands—no matter what body part you’re talking about it really doesn’t define who I am unless you’re talking about my gender identity, if I choose to even talk about that. Long hair usually depicts a woman but didn’t Native American men also have long hair? So does that make them female? I didn’t think so.

We shouldn’t have to put ourselves in certain ranges to portray what our gender is because we have mouths to speak for ourselves. Misjudging someone on their appearance does not only just make someone upset, but even lost. Most of the time people take those comments to the heart because they’re just born like that. It could even lead up to them hating themselves, all just because of a simple degree of measurement. That makes women choose to have surgery because they think their face is too big and want to make it more petite. Does it make them more of a woman? Exactly.

You don’t really have the right to be telling people that their lines and measurements don’t add up. You say there is a big difference between men and women but there’s no difference between us. We’re both human so don’t just go around telling people their gender. Think again on who you are talking to. Most scientists review their work twice before they make a statement. So please feel free to turn one hundred and eighty degrees and walk away. Thank you.

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