Dream for cancer

I am from a mom who loves me very much and a dad

who will get me anything.

I am from my mom, dad, sisters, and brothers.

I am one out of six.

BFF Kimberly,

we like to make up songs and eat Takis at school.

I am from California with the crazy weather.

Sunny, raining, storming.

I am from my mom who always says,

“Don’t let people put your confidence down.”

I like to go to my favorite restaurant.

It is called Red Lobster,

and it makes me feel like a mermaid.

I am from cheesecake that makes me happy and

taffy that makes me need to brush my teeth after.

My grandma is from Mexico.

I am from when my sister died from cancer.

I am from when my family supports me in what I do.

I am from wanting to be a singer and actor

and to be a doctor for babies that have cancer

and to cut off all my hair because

then they won’t be sad,

and I can let them know it’s okay.

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