Volunteer Behind-the-Scenes

display of books, magazines, and newspapers

“When my parents saw my story published, they felt proud. I know that because of their facial expressions, and because they took my book to their work and read my stories. I think that they were happy to see what I have accomplished.” – Gigi, age 10

We’re always looking for creative and highly-skilled volunteers to work behind-the-scenes. You can volunteer in the below areas on a per-project basis, and your work will make a lasting impact on 826 Valencia and our students. 

Design, Illustration, and Photography

We are always in need of experienced creative professionals to help with publications, marketing materials, window displays, and Pirate Store products. We also frequently need professional photographers to document our events and programming. To help with publishing, marketing and photography, please email Design Director Brad Amorosino at brad@826valencia.org. To volunteer for product design or window display artistry, please email Stores Manager Caroline Kangas at caroline@826valencia.org. Be sure to include your résumé and a link to your portfolio.

Editing and Translation

We take our students’ writing seriously, so we give it the full treatment of professional publishing. A handful of books and projects throughout the year pass by the eyes of professional copy editors before hitting the presses, and many of our student publications and marketing materials are published in both English and Spanish to most effectively reach our community. To volunteer as a copy editor or translator, please register as a volunteer, and check the boxes that relate to your editing and translation skills.

Audio Editing 

At 826 Valencia’s Tenderloin Center, students learn about podcasts, write an episode, record, and complete online publishing and audio editing activities. We record over eighty students per week and are seeking volunteers to help us edit these incredible stories! Our audio volunteers can work remotely to do basic edits to the students’ recordings so they can be published on SoundCloud. If you’re interested in supporting this project, please send a description of your audio experience to Programs Associate Ricardo Cruz at ricardo@826valencia.org. You can also check out our featured podcasts here.