Christmas every Wednesday

When I walk to the teen center, I feel as happy as a bee making honey when I see my tutor, Michelle. When I come, we do a lot of homework, and she is the best tutor. She likes to watch football and the NBA, and we talk about homework a lot. She helps me with writing and math, and she is like my best friend. She helps me get A+’s on my homework.

The first time she helped me with writing, we wrote about my cousin and me. I wrote the pages with her. She helped me with dialogue and everything that you need to be a good writer. When I was at school, I got an A+ because of her. When I’m at school writing, I think of her helping me with my writing. When we are done, we work together like a team to grade my work. At the end of the day, I feel happy about writing and going to see her every Wednesday at writing club.

The longer we write together, the better my writing gets. She always says, “Add dialogue and detail to your writing.” And when I’m here, it feels like I’m with my friends playing online, which is my favorite thing to do when I’m at home. I feel like it’s Christmas every Wednesday.

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