Cheers to Ms. Kameny, our Teacher of the Month!

What with these April showers in San Francisco, we are thrilled to introduce the ray of sunshine that is our latest Teacher of the Month: Ms. Susie Kameny! Ms. Kameny has been a teacher for nine years, most recently at Roosevelt Middle School where she engages students in grades 6-8 in technology, teaches them cyber safety, and familiarizes them with the programs they are likely to encounter later in their education. In addition to her amazing technological teaching services, she also supports her students through the one-month novel-writing adventure, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).Susie_Kameny

With the rise of tech in the classroom, it is imperative for students to understand these new tools. Many teachers are using online videos and methods such as Google Classroom to help teach complicated topics, and students are using online software to do their projects. Ms. Kameny is using her school’s resources to ensure that her students are preparing themselves for a 21st Century world. In doing so, she has inspired not only her students but many of her colleagues. One fellow teacher tells us, “she always had a fabulous idea in her back pocket for me to try…. She inspired me to use blogger as a platform for student portfolios….I no longer share a lab with her, and I miss her, her ideas, and her encouragement so much.”

Ms. Kameny is using her digital program prowess to shine a light on student voices. Every year, during the month of November, many a writer take on the challenge of writing a novel in thirty days. Ms. Kameny’s classes have been amongst the writers taking on the challenge. She encourages all students to participate, including those in Special Education (SPED) classes. To support these intrepid writers, she organizes special Friday tea parties for the SPED student of the week to present their NaNoWriMo progress. She encourages students to conquer the learning challenges that might otherwise stop them from creating work true to themselves and, because of her commitment, many still cite this experience as one of the biggest highlights of fifth grade.

Thank you so much for your work, dedication, and creativity, Ms. Kameny!

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