A working class wife confronts her husband about how she wants change in their household to benefit her. She’s tired of the expectations to work and be the “good” wife.  

I had such a tough day at work today. I couldn’t believe how sore my feet felt. Walking back and forth all day throughout that office really beats me. I can’t believe how hard I have to work all day and still not be able to have everything I want. At least it feels good to get to come home to you, my husband.

I feel like I’m stuck in this cycle. Every day I do the same thing. It’s a routine I’m tired of. I want more. I crave more. I wake up to you, my husband, we say good morning, I go and shower, when I get out you walk in. I change and eat breakfast. You tell me, “Don’t wait for me.” I walk outside and get into my car.

Husband, I love you, but no, no more. I’m tired of it all. I’m sick and tired of having to put up with everyone at work, working all day, six days a week. Then I have to get into that junky car I have and drive back home again. And then I still have to get the groceries, clean, cook dinner, wash the dishes, and do the laundry? No way. I’m tired of you and this time I’m serious.

What if I had a husband who would work, clean, and cook for me? Maybe I would finally get somewhere in my career. I could finally put in those hours and maybe get promoted. I would be able to get that new car I’ve wanted, that house I’ve been looking at… Man, what if?

Juan, I can feel your muscles tense up as I say this to you. You don’t like what I’m saying, do you? You always walk around as if you’re doing something but the reality is you don’t ever do anything. That’s why you’re getting so red and tense. You’re mad and embarrassed. Now you know how I feel when I can’t get what I want. Well, things are going to change.

There’s going to be a change in this house right now. Get up .I’m going to sit down in your chair and you’re going to massage my shoulders! I want to come home to a clean house. I want to come home to dinner and wake up to breakfast and if I’m home I want lunch too. Yes, things are going to change.

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