Cesar the Dinosaur

Cesar the dinosaur had big feathers and spikes. He was red, with white and green. One day, Cesar got stuck in tree sap. He was stuck for ten thousand years!

One summer, the tree sap melted. Cesar looked down at his watch to check the time. He screamed, “No!” He was late to work!

Cesar worked as a driver on the trains. Then he crashed! He crashed because he was playing video games while he was driving. He crawled out of the train and said, “At least the engine didn’t explode.”

Then the engine exploded, and Cesar flew all the way to San Francisco. He fell into the water. He remembered that he could swim, so he swam to the city. Cesar went shopping. He bought milk, brownies, and pizza.

Cesar was sad because he was all alone. His family and the rest of the dinosaurs had died. He decided to make a new 826 Valencia so that kids would come and write with him. After it was built, he was happy because he had company. Then he lived happily ever after.

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