Celebrating Dr. Statmore, our first Teacher of the Month for 2017!

Happy New Year! To kick things off, 826 Valencia is proud to congratulate our first Teacher of the Month for 2017, Dr. Elizabeth Statmore from Lowell High School. While teaching different levels of mathematics, Dr. S (as she is known in the classroom) has created a legacy of love for the subject in her students.

For many, math incites terror: the combination of Elizabeth Statmoreletters and numbers to get a set-in-stone answer can be intimidating, especially for students who need extra support in order to understand the various levels of the subject. Dr. S eases the intimidation factor by making math relatable to students through skits, art, and business. One student says, “She did not talk to us like mathematicians, she spoke to her class like we were teenagers, walking in from a million different interests, ideas and dramas, and not particularly interested in proofs or angles.” In connecting to her students this way, many of them not only walk away from her class with a successful grade, but with an appreciation for math in the world around them.

Dr. S doesn’t just limit her involvement with students to a class period, but goes outside the classroom to help students succeed. One student credits Dr. S for helping him get a position calling Lowell basketball games because she knew of his deep love for sports spectating. In her free time, she also spearheads the Math Circle for middle schoolers interested in math programs and is a district representative to the National Board on Diversity and Minority Affairs. One parent praises her involvement, claiming: “Not only is she interested in the kids she is teaching, but she is interested in the kids coming up behind them, and even the ones that might be feeling left to the side.”

It is no doubt that Dr. S’ efforts are greatly appreciated and recognized by her community. From everyone at 826 Valencia, thank you for all that you have done for your students, Dr. S!

Read more about our Teacher of the Month program, and how to nominate a special teacher in your life!


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