In Bananaland there were a lot of bananas. And all of the trees were like bananas. The park was only for bananas.

“I hear someone is going to kill me! If I’m dead, BK did it,” Banana Man said.

BK got so mad. BK said, “Eww, I ate a rotten banana! I’m throwing it away.”

“Muahahaha, I tricked you with a light yellow banana! It is old and rotten.” Banana Man said, “I’m going to stop you!”

BK was too fast. The hero Banana Man gave the banana a candy. The banana said, “Thank you.”

Banana Man thought that he should throw bananas for everyone. Everyone was happy. Everyone said, “Thank you, Banana Man, you’re the best!”

The next day, an old man was walking to the store. He slipped and it was BK’s fault because he threw a banana peel.

Banana Man said, “Stop doing this bad stuff.”

BK said, “No.”

Then Banana Man said, “You’re the only one that’s having fun. Other people are not!”

BK said, “Fine, I will stop.” He felt happy.

BK’s life was good now. Then BK took the old man to the hospital. Then all the people were so happy. Banana Man and BK were playing soccer and having fun. They were friends now.

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