April Teacher of the Month, Ms. Sarah Benefiel

April Teacher of the Month, Ms. Sarah Benefiel Congratulations to our April Teacher of the Month, Ms. Sarah Benefiel! Ms. Benefiel is a sixth grade English Language Arts teacher at Everett Middle School. We received so many letters in support of Ms. Benefiel’s nomination, and we were blown away at the dedication, optimism, and hard work she brings to her school community every day. Well done, Ms. Benefiel!

Ms. Benefiel’s students report that she holds them to high academic standards while providing the support and encouragement they need to reach their goals. As one student said, “whenever a student is behind, she invites them into her classroom on her own time. She always puts her students’ needs in front of her own.” Described by many people as “a positive thinker,” another of her students says that Ms. Benefiel “always wants the best from you. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best. Thank you for never giving up on me.” It’s clear that Ms. Benefiel is not only extremely invested in the success of her students, but she is also committed to putting in extra time and energy to help them succeed.

Ms. Benefiel is not only a stellar teacher; she’s also a fantastic colleague. Her fellow partner teacher said it best: “She is my mentor and partner, and I am very lucky to have her.” He continues on to say, “She is smart. She is caring. She is professional. She is creative. She is supportive.” What a killer combination! Ms. Benefiel is also deeply committed to cultivating fun social spaces at school and is involved in leading several clubs at Everett.

Finally, Ms. Benefiel is a leader in her school community. She is the lead teacher for the 6th grade team and, as Principal Van Haren says, “She is a tremendous grade-level lead for our 6th grade team. She leads with a sense of urgency combined with an easygoing personable style—her team can’t help but love her and follow her lead.” As 6th grade team lead and teacher, Ms. Benefiel is deeply committed to making sure her students have equal access to education. As Principal Van Haren notes, “She has a strong focus on equity for all students and truly believes that it is her job to create an environment where kids LOVE to read and write.” Our hats are off to you, Ms. Benefiel! Thanks for being an incredible educator.

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