Announcing Mr. Robert Coverdell as our November Teacher of the Month

We at 826 Valencia are always thankful for great teachers that go above and beyond to help their students thrive. This month we are especially grateful to Mr. Robert Coverdell, who teaches Science, Math, and Drama to 10-12 grade students at Downtown High School.

Mr. Coverdell brings an impressive array of commitment, creativity, and kindness every day to his work at school. He is known as a kind-hearted and open person who pours a generous amount of time and energy into his lessons to make learning relevant and meaningful. Students laud his patience and say that he “makes science down and dirty for them to have fun.”

His co-workers added that “He never backs down from a difficult situation; he is solution-oriented and he teaches these qualities to our students.” They also say, “He has a big heart and is generous in all aspects of his relationships with the school community.”

Another teacher mentions Mr. Coverdell’s skillful approach to the craft of teaching, noting that “He found a way to artfully incorporate trigonometry and gardening into a semester-long theme of revolution and resilience.” And that “He spends many hours crafting his curriculum and lesson plans to provide a rich experience for his students, and it shows in their work.”

Mr. Coverdell manages to do all this while also representing his school at the district science meetings, participating on the Leadership Team in his free time, and accompanying his students to experience live theater multiple times during the semester.

Mr. Robert Coverdell, we are so grateful for all that you do for your school and community. It’s an honor to feature you as our November Teacher of the Month! Congratulations!

Read more about our Teacher of the Month program, and how to nominate a special teacher in your life.

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