America is…

On February 26, 2012, I noticed how America was. Before that I thought that America was peaceful like reading a book and nice like a puppy. It all started when Trayvon Martin died over Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea by someone who bragged that he killed someone and who was found not guilty years later. Trayvon Martin was only seventeen and now he will be forever seventeen. That’s sad because a mother lost her son, an auntie lost a nephew, and a sister lost a brother.

When you’re ten, you’re usually in elementary and you’re supposed to do cursive or math, not worry if you’re going to be the next one that’s going to be dead. When you notice that at the age of ten, that’s a shame. As a young boy, you’re not supposed to notice that. You’re supposed to be in elementary school learning how to be a respectful young man and how to do math. Instead I was a young boy noticing how racial profiling is an issue.

America has never been great, so you can’t make it great again if it never was. It was great for the people that weren’t in the sun for hours picking cotton and serving the people that thought they were the best people in the whole state. Noticing that, that America was crooked just like a cop, that was depressing for me at the age of ten. I don’t believe all cops are bad and I certainly believe some cops are good, I’m just stating the fact that some police officers are jumping to conclusions too fast.

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