A strong single mother

A single mom applying for a job tries to convince the employer that she can manage her responsibilities.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work at this daycare center. My biggest strength is how I raised my two children. I have two boys. They are five and seven years old. They give me strength to never give up because I love them. I want them to study and be someone—to have a career. I want them to be respectful, kind, and trustworthy.

Since my boys don’t have a dad, they look up to me as a role model. As a teacher at this daycare center, I will be a role model for the kids. Every day, I will work hard at my job. I like to read to my kids after I come home from work. I help them practice their reading and writing and I make sure they finish their homework. I know how important education is. Education will help the kids for their future.

As a mother, I raised my children with pride and dignity. Being a single mother is really hard because people judge me for not having my children’s father by my side. People don’t know how hard it is to be a mother and a father. A mother has to take care of her children and work to put food on the table, and a father has to do the same to support the family. But as a single mother, it’s my job to do both work and take care of the family. I know that as a teacher it’s important to help take care of kids because their parents are working.

I need this job because it’s near my kids’ school and I can take them and pick them up every day. I feel that people think I am not capable of doing better, but I feel that I can do it. I will not give up. Please give me the job. I will do my best.

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