One morning I was looking online and I saw a story about 9/11. I went on YouTube and searched up a documentary about 9/11 and saw all this chaos. It was 2014, the year I researched about 9/11. I was in my living room watching all of this crazy stuff that happened on September 11, 2001. These few Muslims attacked the Twin Tours and they caused a lot of deaths and harm to others.

These Muslims were disrespecting the rules of being a proper Muslim. Causing harm and death to others does not mean being a Muslim. Being a Muslim means being peaceful people and not causing harm to others. I wanted all of this hate on all Muslims to stop because not all Muslims are terrorists, just the ones that cause harm to others. But some of the hate keeps going on and that’s not peaceful. So now just a bit of hate is going on but most of it is over, so that’s really good. It makes me feel good as a Muslim to be in America. Before I used to think I don’t belong in the United States just because I’m Muslim. But now I feel good and proud to be Muslim.

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