826 National introduces 826 Digital: resources to ignite a love of writing

826 National is launching a new project to further the 826 Network: 826 Digital—a website compiling resources used in 826 programs across the country that includes flexible lesson plans, student writing samples, prompts, and curriculum guides to promote writing anywhere.

This virtual tool was created by teachers, volunteers, and 826 staff to bring the 826 methodology—a model developed by our wonderful co-founders Dave Eggers and Nínive Calegari—anywhere you teach at a pay-what-you-wish system that makes it affordable to educators across the country.

“826’s writing programs have always been free, so we felt it was essential that 826 Digital was in keeping with that tradition. Our aim is that this platform will reach at least 1,000 educators in its first year, not only expanding the impact of our existing chapters in places like Detroit and Los Angeles, but also engaging educators in rural communities where there may never be an 826 chapter,” said Laura Brief, 826 National’s new CEO.

We believe that writing should be fun and accessible, and through this platform’s flexible resources teachers can find the best way to suit their students’ writing needs while fostering wonder and creativity, not just in the classroom but anywhere they want!

Take a look at 826digital.com to set forth and explore the countless possibilities. You’ll find lesson plans and writing prompts developed by some of the 826 Valencia staff and volunteers you know and love, including a few from our co-founder, Dave Eggers. Then you and the young authors in your life will be well-equipped to write crazy superhero stories, mysterious secret agent plots, or King Carl’s travel guide.

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