The Creative Process: How Do We Commit to Our Craft?

(General Event)

Sep 7,2017, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM @ 180 Golden Gate Ave
ADULT WRITING WORKSHOP: Author and committed 826 volunteer E. Eastman is leading a three part workshop to help you and 9 of your peers explore how you get to the writing table, and how to effectively use your writing tools once you get there. $20 will get you into all three sessions as you work with Eastman and fellow writers on the craft we all dedicate ourselves to at 826. This is an exciting opportunity to jump-start a new project, break through any lingering writer's block, or help you polish off an existing writing piece. There are only 10 seats available -- RSVP by emailing!
Objectives of Workshop:
1. Easily identify the ways in which we effectively learn.

2. Acknowledge what writing tools are in our toolboxes, and which require acquiring.

3. Discover what aspects of writing feel psychically safe, which do not, and what skills can we acquire to mitigate the latter.

4. Establish those writing habits that resonate for us, and which ones we have adopted, thus insuring a lifelong relationship with the craft.

Workshop Dates:
9/7/17: Ladders to the Dark: what inhibits our writing processes?

11/2/17: Light at the End of the Tunnel: what good writing habits habits have we identified and adopted?

1/11/18: Living in the Light : how do we sustain a healthy writing practice?

About the Author/Presenter: E. Eastman is an inhibited writer who graduated with an MFA in writing from the University of San Francisco in 2004. His essays have appeared in Switchback, Fourth Genre, the Bellingham Review, InDance, and the Noe Valley Voice. His essay collection, “In Utero,” currently awaits publication. He teaches creative writing to both children and seniors. Because his childhood desires to be both matador and professional flamenco dancer did not materialize, he became a Physical Therapist, but he could spend the rest of his life on the road satisfying a curiosity for culture, high-end hotel rooms, exotic comestibles, and being the perfect dinner party guest

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Sep 7,2017, 7:00 PM
Nov 2,2017, 7:00 PM
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