Tidying Up Art with Ursus Wehrli

(General Event)

Jun 1,2017, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM @ 180 Golden Gate Avenue
Help us kick off the month of June by experience Ursus Wehrli's unique perspective on the chaos found in art as well as the world around us. Admission is free, drinks and snacks are provided, and King Carl's Emporium will be open late so our resident puffer can join in on the fun (if he's not still river rafting on the Jordan River). To learn more about what it takes to tidy up art click here.

From his website: "Ursus Wehrli provides insight into his work and ultimately comes clean: whether Klee, Miró, Mondrian, Picasso, Van Gogh or Breugel – Mr. Wehrli demonstrates how great works of art can be efficiently organized, neatly arranged and sparingly presented. He opens up a new door to the perspective of art, illuminating his point of view regarding order and chaos and explaining why this method works and, if not, why it is nevertheless amusing. The way he accomplishes this feat is astonishing – and what emerges as a result is fascinating. THE ART OF TIDYING UP is an unforgettable and entertaining lecture for all who love or hate art as well as the only genuine therapy for frustrated art critics. Most of all, however, it constitutes a playfully absurd solution toward at least providing some clarity where it makes the least sense!"

About Ursus Wehrli: Ursus Wehrli is left handed, a broad thinker and a trained typographer. For over 25 years, he has been touring alongside Nadia Sieger as the comedy duo URSUS & NADESCHKIN from Zurich to  Berlin and New York, winning multiple awards with this constellation – including “Reinhart Ring” the renowned Swiss theater award, the “New York Comedy Award” and the “Deutschen Kleinkunstpreis.” Meanwhile, his books have been published in the German, English, French and Italian languages and soon available in Japanese and Korean too, with over a half a million copies sold worldwide to date. Ursus Wehrli lives in Zurich as a comedian, cabaret and freelance artist. He came up with the idea of  “tidying up art” along the way to picking up bread one morning while being caught by surprise by the onset of winter, “freezing his ears off.”