Writing Out Loud: An Introduction to Podcasting (CLASS FULL—WAITLIST ONLY)


Jan 30,2017, 6:00 PM - 6:00 PM @ 826 Valencia (Mission Center)
Taught by Dana Belott, Dory Culver, & Ed Cavagnaro Open to 12 students, ages 13–18 A four-week workshop January 30–February 27 (excluding January 20) Mondays, 6-8 p.m. In this workshop, you will create your very own podcast! We will first learn to write a short story that's meant to be heard aloud, not just read on the page. It can be about anything from a vacation gone wrong to your opinions on world news. We will record and edit your story with an easy-to-use app and produce a podcast that we can post online. Join us and find your (radio) voice. To enroll in this workshop, fill out the following Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/xBXcEhu3KiPaDrr32 You will receive an email to confirm your spot in the workshop.

Event Dates

Jan 30,2017, 6:00 PM
Feb 6,2017, 6:00 PM
Feb 13,2017, 6:00 PM
Feb 27,2017, 6:00 PM

Taught By: Dana Belott, Dory Culver, & Ed Cavagnaro