Window Reception for Cat Johnston

(General Event)

Oct 21,2016, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM @ Pirate Supply Store
Join us in the Pirate Supply Store to celebrate the talented Cat Johnston and marvel at her magical cut paper, underwater scene. When we say magical, we mean it. Just yesterday this guy came in asking if the sea urchins were real and wouldn't believe us when we told him they were paper. You'll have to see it yourself — maybe you won't believe it either.

About the artist: Cat Johnston studied animation in Wales before moving to London to work as an illustrator and model maker. She now lives here in San Francisco and continues making work influenced by folk art, nature, and childhood memories. Previous exhibitions include a solo show at Concrete Hermit (for which she constructed dioramas of an imaginary war) and a show at Centrespace in Bristol (where she invented and built a series of gods).

826 Valencia Street, SF, CA 94110