Creating and Exploring Legendary Lands (CLASS FULL - WAIT LIST ONLY)


Aug 29,2015, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM @ 826 Valencia
Creating and Exploring Legendary Lands Taught by The Beehive Society Open to 15 students, ages 8-11 A one-day workshop August 29 Saturday, 12:00-2:00 PM Have you ever traveled to a distant land in your imagination? Can you see the inhabitants that live there, the plants, the food, the sky, the smells and the sounds? Your mission for exploration is to use your imagination to create a legendary land and bring it to life! You will share with everyone in detail what you're eating, what you see, what you feel, and what an adventurous day in your legendary land will be like. To accomplish this mission you will tap into older ways of correspondence, journaling, and letter writing. Your work from this workshop will be used to inspire artists. The work that they create will be displayed in an art show that opens on Friday, December 6, 2015, and runs through the month of December. We certainly hope you’ll be able to come to the show!

Taught By: The Beehive Society