Happy Reading Hour: Personal Space Time Relativity

(General Event)

Mar 20,2015, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM @ Pirate Supply Store
Einstein's groundbreaking theory of relativity was published on this day in 1905. Relatively speaking, alone time on a ship is pretty essential. So for this happy reading hour we will think about our needs in time and space and how close we want to be others in these cozy quarters. Some things to keep in mind: space time curves, when you're free falling (i.e. off the plank) it's like you're at rest, and clocks slow down at the bottom of the ocean.

If you've missed our previous Happy Reading Hours, here's the idea: from 5pm – 7pm, we (you and us, 826 Valencia, plus our friends from Vouched Books) gather in the Pirate Supply Store and fill the space with our melodic or not so melodic voices (you know who you are, but it's okay, we take all types here) reading from our student's publications. You may choose to read a piece aloud or, for a more introspective evening, write your own. Drinks and nibbles are always available and honestly, we can't think of a better way to start a Friday night.