Vouched Presents: Emergency Preparation

(General Event)

Nov 19,2014, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM @ 826 Valencia, The Pirate Store
Curbside Splendor, 826 Valencia, and Vouched Books have teamed up to bring you a night of readings, creepy performances, surveillance, and other forms of piracy!


James Tadd Adcox
Lauren Traetto
M Kitchell
Others TBA!

free event // free booze // eyepatches // Vouched sales to benefit 826 Valencia's writing programming

James Tadd Adcox is the author of Does Not Love, out now from Curbside Splendor Publishing. Chris Bachelder has said that it's "a brisk and biting novel, its horrors roiling beneath a pharmaceutical tone." James lives in Chicago.

Lauren Traetto is the SF Vicereine of Vouched Books, contributing editor of FANZINE, and managing editor of Coconut Books. You can usually find her behind a table with a red tablecloth.

M Kitchell is the author of Slow Slidings (Blue Square Press, 2012), Variations on the Sun (Love Symbol Press, 2012), Hour of the Wolf (Void Editions, 2013), Apart From (Solar?Luxuriance, 2014) and the forthcoming Spiritual Instrument (Civil Coping Mechanism, 2015). He lives and works in the Bay Area.

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