Visiting the Planet of Love with Google

“We feel happier because the planet of love is peaceful with no fighting. We see that spreading love makes everybody so healthy. On the planet of love they help people. There we learned that you can make a lot of things out of love, like puppies.”

How would it feel to visit a planet ruled by love? Those attending our students’ Planet of Love publication party on May 15 had the chance to find out. In collaboration with Google, our second- and third-grade writers crafted a story about what life would be like on a planet ruled by love. Google then used 360-degree story-telling to transform our students’ words into a 3D movie.

At the celebration, our student authors entered the Tenderloin Center writing lab on a red carpet and munched on popcorn before learning that their writing had inspired a 3D movie! The students excitedly put on Google cardboard goggles with an attached phone to view their whimsical world. Students were transported to their planet of love where people with rainbow hair share food, Chihuahuas hug kids, families spend time together and, as Shaina wrote, “The people act like themselves. They don’t have to be the same because in their hearts they are the same.”

After experiencing the movie, the authors handed over the cardboard goggles to family members in attendance, who were able to see our children’s vision of a world where love always comes first.

Thank you to Google for the opportunity to showcase our students’ writing in a spectacular new way, GLIDE Youth, Family, and Childcare Center for their partnership, and to students, families, and volunteers for helping us celebrate our students’ creativity and hard work.  

Google has plans to share our students’ 360-degree movie on YouTube in the summer, so stay tuned!  

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