How I Got My O.W.A. Card

Now, before I start we have to get something straight. Everything I write down is true—well, at least almost, but nevertheless it all actually happened. One day when I was a young girl, maybe about your age, back when my hair was still black and my green eyes shone and I wore my crazy green earrings, bright purple straw hat, neon pink tank top and rainbow striped skirt, I was walking around the town market, completely bored, minding my own business, when a man in a fancy black suit (which was uncommon in those days) tripped over my foot onto the dirt. I, of course, having at least a little bit of manners, helped him up. After he was done brushing himself off he randomly asked me, “Would you like an adventure? If so, follow me.” He quickly walked off, beckoning me to follow. I, having nothing better to do, followed him. He led me out of town and when he took me into a forest I never even knew existed, I started to get a little suspicious but still I followed. After a few minutes of walking we came to a little stream. He told me to cross it then close my eyes, spin around once, then open them. As I crossed the river a feeling of foolishness swept over me, but I quickly shook it off. I closed my eyes, slowly spun around, and opened them. All around me were groves of grass trees, yes, all around me; the creek had vanished.

I wasn’t very surprised. I always believed in magic even though I was eleven at the time, so the first thing I did was yell “Hellooo! Anybody here? I come in peace!” I was answered by a number of high pitched shrieks followed by a wet splash of something landing on my head. I looked up and saw a thing that looked extremely like a purple monkey and quite small for having a poop that big. I quickly started running but my foot was caught in a big glop of something gooey, clear and bouncy. I was quickly coated in a thin layer of pink poo but when one landed on what I later found out was the sap of the glass trees, it bounced back and knocked the monkey down. I peeled the…um, stuff?…off my shoe and stretched it out into a thin oval sheet which I held over my head as a shield. I called it a pooper stopper, and ran for my life as fast as I could for about five minutes. And everything around me changed.

Suddenly I was flying. No, more like floating in a world of silver mist. I heard a moaning sound that seemed to come from every direction. I squinted and stared really hard then gasped, for there was a circle of basically invisible floating books. I know it sounds crazy, but I later learned this was the world of books and when books die they are rewritten by a human in our world. Well, let’s get back to the story. Now where was I? Oh yes. Well, right after I noticed that they were the source of the sound one very fancy book stepped, I mean, floated forward.

“This is the land of books!” he moaned. “To get back home you must answer our riddle.” And he stepped back.

Then all the books chanted, “If a tree falls when no one’s around, does it make a sound?”

“How am I supposed to know this?” I thought. “Wait, how is anybody supposed to know this. That’s the answer!”

I have my answer. I took a deep breath and was surprised at how I actually wanted to get home. Isn’t this what I always wanted—to be somewhere else? I thought.

Then I said my answer: “There is no answer, or if there is no one would know it, for to find out the answer one would have to be around.”

“Corrrrree…” but I was zoomed off before I could hear the rest of the word.

Suddenly I was lying in the stream and the man that had helped me into the other world in the first place was helping me up.

“I think it is time I introduced myself. I am Yohayat from the Other World Association, or O.W.A. Here is your O.W.A. card. Whenever you want to go to another crazy world just say Oogle Bach La-Fomcoo Lee Lee. I suggest you write that down. And off you go. Well, good-bye. You won’t be seeing me again very soon.”

“So long,” he stated and off he went. And that’s how I got my O.W.A. card.

Written by Lydia, age 10

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